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About this site

Welcome to "Color psychology""

Explain about the site

■The reason that made a this site
"Even firstly" I wrote it, but our circumference is surrounded with "a color".
"The color" that affects life while I do not know it without knowing it And I associate with "the color" throughout the life.
I watched a book of the color therapy incidentally in a library and knew that there was effect that it varied in a color.
We wanted to know the psychology effect and began the making of the site.

■Purpose (our wish) of the site
わたしたち We will learn about color psychology for the first time just like you guys.
There will not be much at all information that we check it in limited time and can tell everybody about. If We can spend the life that is slightly more comfortable than now adopting the color psychology that We learned here in a living.
And ... it is our wish if We have you make use of color psychology for everybody who had you look at this site before life.
Well, let's aim at "Color psychology master" together!

■About the viewpoint of the site
※ Because you see a site clearly, I display the following icons before a sentence.
ポイント Featured articles 確認Article to check
事例Case study まとめ Summary

※※We play the marker in a sentence in the place wanting to do a highlight. The marker has the following meanings.
Sentence based on an example and the fact Our thought and opinion Sentence to want you to pay attention

※In the last of each page, We prepare for the confirmation quiz of the page. Please make use for the understanding of the page.
The quiz opens and closes when you click the button. Quiz  

■About the indication of the site
※You can move from MENU of the upper site to each page in the site.
※You can move to the place of the detailed contents of each page and item from SUB MENU of the site left part.
※Please validate a JavaScript to look at this site.
※It supports responsive and makes this site, but can change it for "PC layout"" with the indication reshuffling button under the site during reading with a smartphone and a tablet.

■Recommended environment
※Google chrome latest edition
※Firefox latest editionbr> ※Microsoft Internet Explorer after 11
※Android 【Google Mobile Chrome latest edition】
※iPhone 【Mobile Safari、Google Mobile Chrome】

■Software and the tool which We used
We used the following software tools on producing a site.
※Dreamweaver CS6     For page making
※Photoshop CS2     For the making of the image
※Crescent Eve      For text editing
※Google form       For the questionnaire making
※Google slide      For the slide making

Please inform the following e-mail address of the question about this site, the demand.
We reply as much as possible, but approve it beforehand because you have time in some cases and may not reply.
mail to   shibakashicolor@gmail.com

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