What color do you like?

For example,clothes,foods,stationary,view at the window,a desk and blackboard of the classroom...
Everything around us has a color.
And a good point is each color and has various influences on our mind and body.
By a color to look at, the person gets well and feels calm and I feel relieved and am excited.

As for us, what kind of influence does such a "color psychology" have on us with what kind of thing concretely?
In addition, I utilize "the color" with the relation effectively every day, and can you not make use for our life? I made thought, this site.

If I can spend it happily just to have changed how to get along some colors... If I look pretty... If study smoothens... Do you not learn such a thing together? Because you keep a plain site-building in mind , look till the last.

Update information, news

We uploaded all pages of a Japanese version and the English version.new
We were chosen to semi finalists.new
Page of "about this site" is added to other information.UP
We started the making of the English site.UP
It was updated the site to the responsive support site.UP
We started the making of the homepage.NEW

About this site

  • We gather up this site about the influence that a color and color gives to a person.
  • For details, "about this site", please see it.

    Member introduction

    We made this site in following three people. It is good friend group of 3 of the track and field club. We introduce the making member of this site.



    Production, the management charge of site constitution, the site.
    My favorite color is blue.Blue is an image color of the favorite group. I was in charge of the production of the site. I am glad when you can look to everybody till the last.



    Intelligence charge,Interview, English translation
    My favorite color is yellow. Yellow is uplifting by vitamins color.
    I was in charge of intelligence and english translation. Let's learn about a color together.



    Sentence making, English translation,Intelligence charge.
    My favorite color is pink. I feel bright when I put on a pink thing in the body.
    I was in charge of grammar proofreading and English translation.

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