-color and appetite-

Color and Appetite

■Relationship between color and taste

In this page, I summarized the influence of color on human appetite.
We feel it looks yummy looking at the color of the food, and it is not so. Let's take a look at the slide.
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You seem to have lost your appetite just because the color changed.
Actually, our food (meal) and colors are inseparable. When eating, the thing that works the most in sense is neither taste nor olfaction, it is said to be visual.
We judge the taste of cooking by five senses (taste, Olfaction,Tactile sense , vision, hearing), but among them the visual information accounts for 87%.
※cited reference Kyoto Gakuen University

■Looks yummy color

Generally, it is said that warm color food looks delicious. And the deeper the color, the more it looks delicious.
Then, imagine a little egg. You broke the egg trying to cook. Which do you feel delicious?

"Which egg looks delicious?" We conducted a questionnaire survey on 179 junior high school students in the school 127 boys and 52 girls.

【Our forecast】  Dark colored egg feels more delicious
  We think that the color is darker but the taste is darker.
I think that there are many nutrients when the color is dark.

【Survey Results】 As a result 166 people 93% of 179 people answered that dark colored eggs looked more delicious.

卵のアンケート 卵のアンケート

【Comment】There are overwhelmingly many people who feel dark colored eggs deliciously. Looking at the ratio it seems that many girls chosen eggs that are lighter in color than boys.It may be that girls prefer something with less taste.

Don't you feel the eggs of a darker taste better?
Actually, taste and color are irrelevant, and there are some delicious eggs even with thin eggs, but we like dark colored eggs.
This is said to have been judged from the experience so far, "Dark color = high component concentration {tasteful}." After all, there seems to be a great relationship between color and appetite.

■It makes it look delicious by the effect of color

Then, can you make food look delicious using color effects?
For example in this salad
Plus tomatoes. . .It looked more delicious.
This is the effect of complementary color.他For example, if you lean sashimi and add leaves, it looks yummy because red and green are complementary colors and have a function to complement both colors.

■Color that diminishes appetite

As you saw on slides, there are colors that diminish appetite. Generally, "blue" is said to be a color that diminishes appetite, but why? It is said that "blue" does not exist in natural ingredients. It is said that " blue" does not exist in natural ingredients.
Fish scales are blue, but meat is white or pink. In addition, eggplants and blueberries are a little reddish purple.。
In this way, it is considered that people who evolved without seeing "blue" isn't a food ingredient the color of "blue" was begun to lose appetite. That is, even if you look at the blue food, you decide on your own what your brain is not food (not tasty).

ポイント The reason why blue decreases appetite is because we can not associate meal with "blue" .

■Blue diet!

"Blue diet" utilizing the effect that blue color reduces appetite is prevalent. Sometimes featured on TV programs. Do you know?
There are the following methods for blue diet.
· Blue glasses diet
· Camera application
· Use blue dishes
· Use the blue coloring
Let's see how to diet each one!

◆Blue glasses diet 青色メガネ
This way you just eat while wearing blue glasses! It's easy. It seems that many people have succeeded in dieting by only this thing. Today, blue eyeglasses are on sale for the diet as well as on the Internet and 100 ha. Let's see what it feels like.
Does it look like this?
お寿司 青色お寿司

◆Camera Application Diet The name "Diet Camera" camera
The method is simple. You will take food with this application before meals and snacks. Then, the food will be displayed in blue, so You will look at this picture for a while. It seems that appetite is suppressed by this alone.
* I wanted to try downloading and tried it, but now I can not download it. In addition to this free application, there are also several kinds of paid apps.

◆Blue dishs diet
There is a desire to lose weight, but what makes food look bad is a little resistance.
To such a person, this "blue dishware diet " is recommended. The diet effect may be worse than the food looks blue, but the way to eat while catching the blue visually is the same, you should be able to suppress appetite better than usual. It might be good to change dishes, tea bowls, chopsticks, knives, forks, tablecloths and so on.
There was "blue tableware" plenty when I looked for it in a house. I want to sometimes use it.

◆Use the blue coloring
Finally, We will introduce a diet method to actually make the food blue by using coloring materials.
This method seems to be the most effective, but you need a bit of courage to practice.
Mixing coloring materials to ingredients will look something like this.。

■Please try it!

Let's try the effect of color with other foods as well.

Click a button and will change a color of the curry


まとめ Appetite and color are deeply related, and we feel food eve. Also, from past experiences, I also understood that it is judging that it looks yummy or not, looking at the color.

It is important for us to make good use of colors according to the state of our physical condition and mood at that time.
For example, when saying "Let's get better and better now!" Use dishes and table cloths that look delicious, when you want to diet a little, use blue ones.

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