-Color and purchasing will-

Color and purchasing will

In this page, we gathered it up about a color and purchasing will.
It is important to buy in an appetite and sports and study. All things have a color. "A color and purchasing will" will be to be connected with us most when I think so.
Then I will think about relations of "a color and the purchasing will" together.

■Are you conscious of "a color" at the time of shopping?

As a result of a certain questionnaire, I understood the reason why a person purchased a product. I seem to feel that 85% of people are the reasons why a color is the most important.

※Reference,  How do colors affect purchases?

When you did shopping, everybody, have you not felt it in this way? "Though I liked this sweater, I hate a color..." "There should be a brighter color..."
傘We suppose that you go for buying to an umbrella.
These three kinds of umbrellas. The difference only as for the color. Therefore the color is an important condition.
In addition, the smartphones are the same model and functions, but may choose different colors. What do you select a color as a standard in?

We when "do shopping, is conscious of a color?" We conducted a questionnaire survey on 179 junior high school students in the school 127 boys and 52 girls.
Besides, We set a product targeted for the shopping to "shoes".

【Our forecast】conscious of a color at the time of shopping  
 I am conscious by all means!
 Yes. I go for shopping after deciding the color of the thing to always buy.
 I think that a girl is 100%.

【Survey Results】The result was as follows. 86% of people are conscious of a color at the time of shopping.

【Comment】 We understood that an example and the person of 86% of about the same ratios were conscious of a color. There was such a person in the person whom I answered that I was not conscious. The person who decides a color to buy. We think that means that I am conscious of a color.

※Thank you for cooperating with a questionnaire.

■"Color" of the food package

Then We will think about a color of the overall food.
Of course the ingredients such as vegetables or meat, the fish are natural colors, but a laborer to show even it more deliciously may be done.
For example, it is a mandarin orange. Everybody knows that a mandarin orange is in the red net like this and is sold
This is a package method of the products using assimilation phenomenonnote of the colors.
I cause the assimilation of the color by a color putting an orange mandarin orange in a red net and it is delicious in the way that it is sweeter and is seen on a reddish tinge more.

※note)color approaches time among other colors, the neighboring colors and is seen with "an assimilation phenomenon
Please watch a lower image. The mandarin orange which was in the net and the mandarin orange which are not included. A color of these two kinds of mandarin oranges is the same color. However, does the mandarin orange which was in the right net not seem to be more delicious?
In addition, a green soybean or okra are in the net well, too and are sold. A color is bright, and the one that this classified into a net is seen with great relish. The package method of the food using the illusion of the color is used for sale of various food in this way. オクラ

The color is utilized in packages such as a snack or the candy effectively.
ポイントIt is said that I buy the snack which we have not eaten. In that case, package design becomes very important because I imagine the taste and buy it without trying a snack of the store.
We imagine the chocolate taste, right side with strawberry taste without permission on the left side if boxes of Pocky of two below form a line in the store.
But it write taste and the kind in this box nowhere. Two differences "are only colors".
Like the package of the snack in particular, does the image that the color has with the product which there is not which is different in a rest in size and form not occupy most of the images of the product?
ポッキー ポッキー

■"Color" at the time of the clothing purchase

Next, we will think about a color when I purchase the clothing such as the clothes which we wear every day.
Please remember the clothes which you have.
For example, "I have a lot of blue clothes", "I have a lot of clothes of the monotone", "I have a lot of clothes of a bright color".
We may choose the clothes with a favorite color or the sometimes popular color. There is the person choosing a color looking good with oneself.
In addition, the color that I see a color, the complexion to look thin very well. There are many choices.

The psychology situation influences clothes to wear on the day choosing unconsciously. In addition, the color of clothes is greatly related to the first impression of the person.
The somehow bright impression shows it if I wear the clothes of a bright color. Conversely, the calm impression shows it if I wear the clothes of a dark color.
It is important to choose the color depending on TPO (time and a place and case).
For example, it is an office worker.Most people (man in particular) wear suits such as dark blue and gray, the black system. When there was a meeting in a company, everybody thinks that after all there is sense of incongruity if only one has the person of red and the yellow suit in gray and a dark blue suit.
As for the suit of the student of the job hunting, dark blue is basic.Showy clothes do not seem to be liked for the business somehow or other.
In addition, please remember the clothes of the protector (mother) of school events. There are many people of a quiet hue including black and the dark blue in a graduation ceremony.
But it changes completely at the entrance ceremony several weeks later.The people of the suit of a gorgeous hue including the pastels system such as white or the light blue increase.

In this way, we choose the color of the clothes appropriate for the place as the others of one's preference and feeling. We think about such a thing and will do selection of color of clothes to make use of the effect to have of the color in effectively.

■"Color" of restaurant

Restaurants also use the effect of color to increase the willingness of customers to purchase. For example, do not you think that there are many shops in red and yellow signs in fast food restaurants like McDonald's and family restaurants like Denny's, gusto?

ファーストフードRed and yellow are often used in the interior of the store, food and drink packages, too. There are various reasons for this.
1.First of all, warm colors such as red and yellow (orange) have effects that make food look delicious. You learned this with "color and appetite".
2.Next, red has an effect to make it think that it is inexpensive.(Sometimes special sale items are called "red cards" at sale and bargains at stores.)Even in the first questionnaire, which of the "supermarkets' red flier and blue flier" do the products look cheap? I asked everyone a question. As a result, most people answer "red flier", too.
3. And as we said in "color and study" red and warm color has an effect to make time passage feel faster. Although it only had one hour, we feel like it was around an hour and a half, so it can raise for the shop side the turnover rate of customers.
Since the rotation rate should be very important in fast food restaurants where customer prices are cheap, this red effect is very effective.

カフェIn stores like Starbucks Coffee and Hoshino Coffee Shops that offer relaxing time, stores are unified with green and brown which are highly relaxing.
 When you are tired, you see the green and brown, relaxing effect, you want to spend more time, which leads to customer attraction effect.

■Color from the producer side

Well, We tried thinking about color as the position of the purchaser so far. But, On the contrary, those who make things, those who plan and sell, want to know how to think about "color".
So we are the "Universal Design" workshop held at the school the other day,
I asked Professor Furuya of the Faculty of Design Engineering at Shibaura Institute of Technology about "the color seen from the standpoint of manufacturing and designing objects".

インタビュー記事 Interview article

Q. How do you think "color" as the side to produce and design things?

A. A. Color is a very important element. Even though planning and production of goods are so, various ingenuity is also done in selling. For example, at the supermarket, vegetable sales department uses pale fluorescent lights, and devices to look delicious by changing the kind of lighting depending on food.
In addition, an orange lid is used for a PET bottle of a warm drink, and a light blue lid is used for a drink that makes you feel cool, such as a sports drink. We are thinking and imagine temperature by warm / cold color without knowing.

  I see. Certainly the color of plastic bottle lid is different between warm drink and cold drink.
Q. How about non food items?

A. Of course, color as well as eating and drinking is also a very important point when making things. For example, we will decide the color of a car over and over over five years. The cars are exported to all over the world including tropical regions and boreal regions. I am firmly studying the color including how to don't discolor the color discolored by sunlight etc., including those points.
Besides, there is a point that the display of the toilet is also identified by color. We recognize women with red / pink display, men such as blue / black display. Depending on the location, both women and men are displayed in black. Moreover, consciousness to color depends on the industry. There are various ways of devising such as what kinds of colors you can sell, how things will be sold, how will you improve your impression.

確認For those in the position of manufacturing and selling objects, it turned out that color is a very important factor. Also, the colors are very natural for us and we found that there are color effects in places we are not aware of usually. It was very helpful for me to ask the producer's opinion. Professor Furuya, thank you for answering the questions in your busy schedule.

まとめWhen buying things, color is one of the most important elements! Normally I understood that things (such as sweets) that I purchased without much consciousness of color are becoming an important deciding factor in unconsciously choosing goods by color. Unlike uniforms etc, we can choose colors of ours you like, I think that clothes and others are easy to show the person's personality and mood at that time. Moreover, it is easy to be influenced by the clothes and accessories etc. wearing a person's impression, so it is good to use the effect of color well within the range of your preference, leading to image ups.


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