-color and sports-

Color and Sports

In this page, I gathered it up about a color and the relations of sports.
We will think about whether the color influences even sports.
We will make use in sports being conscious of it.

■Relations of a body and the color of the person

As for our body, muscle comes to react to light and a color. Stein demonstrated it in 1910 and named the change of this muscle "tonus changes".
The muscle which he exposed to rays was tense and digitized that he changed. This is "Light Tonus".
23 refers to the state of the normal muscle. Then, it becomes like this. Then, it becomes like this. Red is 42. Orange is 35. Yellow is 30. Green is 28. Blue is 24. Besides, the effect on this light is not affected by the sight. It is the relaxed state that muscle melts so that numerical value is small. Conversely, I express an excitement state so that numerical value rises.

※Reference Written by Keiko Yamawaki. Color psychology to understand illustration knowledge on a wide variety of subjects well. NATSUME-sha, 2005.10 

The he body reacts unconsciously whether you dislike it.

We noticed that beige was usual in the thing of the same state from this list. Is the beige because a color of the skin of the person is near? It is that muscle is the in condition to be relaxed.

That reminds me I am relaxed when in a Japanese-style room and the log house. This had the effect of the color that muscle relaxed by brown of beige and the tree of tatami mat.

■Relations of a uniform and the color

By the way, what will it be to be interested about sports and the relations of the color? It is the psychological effect to a person in a uniform and the relations of the color and the uniform.
When we join for a game by club activities Everybody will play various sports., we wear a uniform. What color is your uniform?
It is the uniform of the common type of such a feeling. Our uniform is two colors of the white and the blue.
When this expresses it in "Light Tonus levels"; 24. It is in condition to make moderate relaxation.(If our uniform is red, our record is prolonged a little more...)
Then will you give a red uniform and a blue uniform, each what kind of psychology effect?

It is the review of the blue image and the red image. I will look while doing this image.

RED It lets you secrete adrenalin and promotes excitement. It lets you feel vitality and lets you do a feeling forward. It lets you feel warmth. It lets you increase an appetite and feel progress to be early at time and get a lot of looks and collect interest.

BLUE It suppresses the excitement. It lets you raise concentration and allows you to control an appetite. And calm a feeling and feel progress late at time and promote sleep.

The next picture is a uniform of the wrestling. Which seems to be strong? レスリング

"Which color do we look stronger in a uniform of?" We conducted a questionnaire survey on 179 junior high school students in the school 127 boys and 52 girls.

【Our forecast】 Blue uniform:one person  Red uniform:two person
I think the blue to be able to fight more calmly than red.
Red provides excitement and seems to be strong.

【Survey Results】 The result was as follows. There were slightly many people who chose the red uniform.

【Comment】 Which seems to be strong by a color? Because there were not many differences.
There was the person who said in this way."There is muscle and seems to be strong."
In addition, it might be the result that was different a little more if We changed a color by the illustration of the same person and investigated it because it was different in the figure of the person of the image which We used.

In fact, plural studies of the superiority of the sports was performed.
There is a thing, "the red makes the performance of the player in the competition" an article placed in science magazine Nature in 2005. In this article, I investigated the color (the players are randomly assigned to red and a blue uniform before a game) of the uniform of the martial art item (boxing, taekwondo, wrestling) of the Athens Olympics and relations of the victory or defeat in 2004. It is reported with a player in a red uniform that winning rate is higher than a player in a blue uniform.
We made the lower list based on the document of documents. 赤と青の勝敗割合
※Reference Nature 435, (19 May 2005) Psychology: Red enhances human performance in contests

It is reported with a player in a red uniform that winning rate is higher than a player in a blue uniform. But the result that red is not necessarily dominant is given by the later Olympics (London). It is difficult for to be complicated, and process to prove the superiority of the sports by the color.

We are amazed to learn that there is a difference in winning rate by the color of the uniform! Let's go to talk with a teacher about the color of our uniform!

■Relations of a place and the color of sports

Because we are track and field club, We go to the various sports stadiums to participate in a meeting. It is two kinds of a red truck and a blue truck.
Among approximately 470 places of authorized land sports stadiums in Japan But in late years trucks of the blue increased. It was a brick-colored truck first., approximately 30 places are tracks of the blue. Everybody will remember that the truck of the Rio Olympics held in this summer was blue.
Introduction of the blue truck is to make the color of the "truck blue, and a field of vision is stable, and it is performed", On the other hand "that a record lengthens by a reason such as" which it is possible for intensively., there seems to be the opinion such as "influencing a" record because I am inexperienced in a color.
※Reference, "MainaviU17"
青いトラック レンガ色トラック
※Blue track of the Rio Olympics     ※ Brick-colored truck of the truck London Olympics

There is a thing achieving an effect by changing the color of the tool into blue by other sports.
For example, I use blue in the mitts of a table tennis stand and the baseball catcher of the table tennis.

 I like common red trucks.
 Is it so? I like one of a blue truck.
 I do not matter because Because I am a player of the jumps.
That reminds me which is it in five colors that won the championship at an athletic meet of this year?
Oh. It is red.

まとめ It is difficult to provite to relations of the superiority of a color and sports. Blecause a condition is complicated. For example, environment such as the temperature and condition of the player.
We really changed a color, and wanted to try it, but it was difficult to try it on the same condition, and the plan of the experiment was not put up. May the situation that oneself is relaxed show a performance? Or is an excitement state better? Let's use the light well while ascertaining it.

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