-Color and study-

Color and study

Next it is the page of color and study.
Let's use the effect of color and increase concentration to study!

■Colors that can focus on study

Representatives of colors that can concentrate on study and work are blue series. Blue is thought to have a high sedative effect so it can feel calm and it is suitable for studying that requires concentration.
On the contrary it is said that red color is not suitable for study.
Let's think the environment to study first. This is the classroom of our school.
As a reference to the "Light Tonus" learned in "Color and Sports" earlier Beige and green the color scheme that makes the muscles relaxed is used. We think that other schools are similar color schemes.

■Blackboard color

Why is the color of the blackboard green?

事例 Blackboards are imported from overseas and popularized in Japan. The name when imported was English, it was a black board. It was translated into Japanese as it was, it became the name of a blackboard.
The old blackboard was colored with Indonesian ink and lacquer it was really black.
However in 1954 according to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) regulations the painted surface changed from black to green. The reason is that black is bad for the eyes and it is not suitable for seeing for a long time. Compared to black green is a color gentle to eyes and less fatigue which leads to a reduction of sedation and stress.
※Reference Wikipedia blackboard

■"Blue" effective for concentration

The most important thing for studying is concentration and persistence. The color that enhances both of these powers is "blue". Psychologically it seems that cold color feels lower by 3 degrees than warm color system so feelings also tighten. And blue has the ability to calm and concentrate feelings which is perfect for studying.
Because there is such an effect there seems to be a way to study "blue pen memorization method". Why don't you try turning the pen into blue when you study?

■Red is a color that lowers grades

Well it is said to be not suitable for study "red" but I think that you can concentrate effect because there is excitement. But...

事例 Dr. Andrew Eliot, a psychologist at the University of Rochester in New York, USA performed the test experiment by changing the cover of IQ test to white, red, green. Then, only the students who tested with the red cover got down by an average of 20%.
Also in research that examines efficiency by changing the color of the PC frame done at Nagoya University After all it turned out that red was lowering the performance of the work.
※※References  Color and psychological functioning: the effect of red on performance attainment

"Which color do you think the score will be worse on the test paper of the three-color cover" We conducted a questionnaire survey on 179 junior high school students in the school 127 boys and 52 girls.

【Our forecast】  Red → green → white in order of bad points
【The reason】
  Since the cover of the test is usually white I think white is normal and easy to test.
It seems that neither red nor green will be acceptable but red is more irritating and will lose concentration.

【Survey Results】The result was as many people who answered that red and green would think the score would be worse as follows. There were also a few people who answered white.

【Comment】 There were few people who answered white. We thought that there were many people who answered that the score would be lower for red but the result was unchanged. We felt it was fun if We could hear the reason why I chose the color.

There are various ways of thinking about why red reduces the efficiency of study the red color excites humans and increases blood pressure and pulse so the theory that it can not concentrate quietly is powerful. Also red is a color that gives satisfaction so there is a theory that it will deprive students' desire to study.
And we also looked at the relationship between color and time course.

Red is felt to make the passage of time quicker.
For example even if you are only one hour in actuality it feels like you stayed for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
On the other hand blue slowly feels the passage of time. Even if you are one hour in actuality but it feels like you stayed for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
※Reference Color therapy land http://www.i-iro.com/ 
negative effect to studying in a red environment because people who dislike studying will feel longer than the actual time. It seems better to study in a blue environment.

まとめ I tried summarizing studies and colors how did it go?
Although it is a color where blue can concentrate it is impossible to make all the study rooms blue I want to devise a study tool such as a pen and a notebook and use the color effect well for improving the efficiency of study is not it!

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