-Feelings for the color-

Feelings for the color

■What happens when we look at the color?

We learned in "Recognition of the color".
We watch the light reflected by an object with our eyes and it begins to reach the brain and is recognized as "a color". It arrives at the field where information recognized to be the "color" controls cerebral human emotion and emotion, and not only the physiological function but also the psychology action works, and "the feelings effect of the color" is born.
In other words it may be said that we feel "the color" to be "mind and body".
Various effects and phenomena such as "the psychological action, physiological action, physical action" are generated and affect us when we look at the color.

■"Chromatology" of Goethe

Firstly, about a color and an image and feelings, what I discussed in detail is said to be Goethe of the poet. Goethe concentrated power on the study of light and the color in later years and announced "the chromatology" in 1810 for 20 years. However, the study of Goethe did not seem to be accepted very much in those days.
It was caused by the fact that I criticized the chromatology which I got from the experiment of the prism which Newton showed than Goethe 100 years ago.
In addition, the color has Goethe in "chromatology"; is physiological, and is sensible, and speak the mental action. In that "red is a threatening terrible color. The color of the sunset is reflected in the color to symbolize fear, danger, struggle;, as for "the green, as for "the black, there are the sentences such as colors of the sorrow" a color of peace". In these days, "the chromatology" of Goethe attracts attention in a field of "the psychology".
 ※Mysterious http://web.canon.jp/technology/kids/mystery/m_04_10. html of reference, the reference Canon science laboratory kids light 

■"Expression feelings" and "Peculiar feeling"

Then I will think about feelings to be born by looking at the color.
The feelings for the color have two kinds of"Expression feelings"and"peculiar feelings".
"Expression feelings" mean the feelings effect that an evaluation varies among looking people.
It is judged from expression. For example,"look good or don't look good"and "like or dislike". There is individual difference in expression feelings.
but"The peculiar feelings" refer to the feelings effect that almost all people feel in the same way.
For example, " the gloomy color makes heavy feelings","the bright color makes light feelings","the blue makes cold feelings" and "the red makes warm feelings".
Unlike expression feelings, it is the feelings that most people can share. Anyone comes to be able to conjugate if I learn a theory.
How about?
Then I will watch the result of the questionnaire that everybody answered first!
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We understand that most people feel to in the same way.

事例 An example of the stories that is famous for the image strategy using "peculiar feelings" includes a presidential election of J. F. Kennedy vs. R. Nixon.
Most people expected that Kennedy who was not famous might not beat Nixon.
At the time of televised address, Kennedy wore the clothes of a dark color, and Nixon wore the clothes of a light color.
Kennedy was displayed with dark gray and it was powerful and was seen, and opposite, Nixon was displayed with thin gray and it was unreliable and was seen.
Because then American TV was monochromatic.
Result, Kennedy were elected. In fact, Kennedy decided the clothes in cooperation with a color coordinator intentionally. This was a chance, and a personal color diagnosis attracted attention in the United States.
* Reference wikipedia Richard Nixon 1960 presidential election "Japanese site only"

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There is such an effect in even difference in luminosity by white, black, the gray in peculiar feelings.There is such an effect in even difference in luminosity by white, black, the gray in peculiar feelings.Not the story of "expression feelings" whether you do not look good with whether you look good with this story, it is the story of "peculiarity feelings".

In this year that passed from this election more than 50 years, a presidential election was held in the United States. And the first televised debate by candidate Democratic Party Hillary Clinton (68) and Republican Party Donald cards candidate (70) was carried out on September 26.
In this TV discussion, the clothes of both candidates became the topic, and even TV news or variety show were taken up frequently.
As for "the blue," "the red" is considered to be a republican color a color of the Democratic Party in the United States. And Mr. cards fought with "a red tie" by this electoral campaign and fought successfully through a primary election. In addition, the colors such as posters of the Hilary camp are unified with blue. However, I appeared in completely opposite clothes this time.

When the candidate Hilary that healthy uneasiness was often taken up during an electoral campaign might wear the red of the warm color (color to it warm, and to show healthfully) to wipe out the image, the expert commented.
Conversely, as for the candidate cards which always wore ties of the opposite blue, verbal abuse always becomes the topic, and there is an aggressive image. Therefore I might choose the tie of the blue that the calm impression showed.  
Hilary and Mr. cards
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In this way, the strategy using an image and the effect of the color is still taken in the presidential election of the United States. In addition, images various in other colors is effective.

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