-How to see the color-

How to see the color

When we look at the color, we may do different vanity when a certain color watches it only with the color under the influence of other colors. A certain color may do different vanity under the influence of other colors.
Such a psychology effect and phantasmagoria become "the peculiar feelings" of "expression feelings" and "peculiar feelings", too.

■The temperature of the color "warm color" and "cold color"

Have you heard to "a warm color" and "cold color"? There is following effect mainly. Many people are in the same feelings.? A color does not have the temperature,but we may feel warmth and cold to see a color.
"A cold color" means the color of blue systems such as blue or the bluish violet.
"A warm color" means the color of red systems such as red or the orange. a warm color


Because red and the bitter orange will let you imagine the hot things such as fire or the sun, and the blue will let you imagine the cold things such as water or the sea.

We surely think so, I think that it is the drink which is warm when the button is an orange. It is time to buy a drink with a vending machine too! and the drink which is cold if the button is blue is nature and a thinking thing!

■Size of the color "Expansive color and contractive color"

Even an object of the same size looks big by a color and may see it small.Do white circle and black circle Please look a lower figure., which look big?
A white circle would look big. In this way, the bright color looks big and the gloomy color is small and is seen.


Go stone's size is regulated to make it look like the same size.
Shiroishi is made with 21.9 millimeters in diameter, and Kuroishi is made with 22.2 millimeters in diameter. It becomes an equal condition sensuously by doing it this way.
※Reference: Wikipedia "Go stone"(Japanese text)

■Distance of the color  "Advancing color and receding color"

The next is about "the distance of the color".
Which feels the lower figure to appear toward you? We see red nearer than blue. In this way, Conversely "a progressive color" means a color to look close in distance., "a cold color" means a color to look far. "The progressive color" is generally warm color system and a bright color. "The cold color" is generally cold color system and a dark color.


Do you think that a body color of the cars which is easy to cause an accident most is what color?
In fact, the color of the car which an accident is easy to produce most seems to have statistics of the blue. Blue is receding color. Conversely When I drive car I feel other cars to be far than when car's color is advancing color, the color with a few accidents is silver. The silver "is a progressive color".

■Weight of the color

Does the color have weight? You will wonder with such ...
But...Please compare the following two balls.
It is a circle of the same size,look heavy does the right? The color It is We feel a bright color to be light and are felt as a dark color heavily.


As for the corrugated cardboard for moving The reason why corrugated cardboard of a moving person is white.
But white corrugated cardboard increases recently. brown was mainstream in old days. It seems to be because the weight that the movers feels mistakes a white thing saying "it is light".
※Reference: Understand it well so as to be interesting; is psychology of an appearance, the favorite phrase -seitosha-


We think that it is interesting that it is different to feel by the difference in color.
We were surprised to Go stone's size is regulated to make it look like the same size. Then how about Othello? As for the Othello, both the white and the black were the same size.

Let's look about effort by the color in the next page!