confirm it by a quiz

We made that you learned in this site a quiz form so far. Please make use for the confirmation of the understanding degree.
※The quiz is contents same as the confirmation under each page.

Aim at the correct answer, Let's do our best together!

"What is a color?" is confirmation

1. What are three attributes of the color with "luminosity" "chroma" one more?


2. What of the color will you express with "luminosity?"

The degree of the vividness of the color
Kind of the color taste
The degree of the brightness of the color

3. Why is it that an apple looks red?

An apple has "a red color"
An apple gives "a red color"
There is the property to reflect back "a red color" on the surface of the apple

4. What does the element necessary to show a color carry with a "light" "object" one more?


confirmation of "feelings for the color"

1. Firstly, about a color and an image and feelings, who will it be that there is me who want to discuss it in detail?


2. The feelings to be born by seeing a color leave "expression feelings" and ○○ feelings

Theory feelings
Personal feelings
Inherent feelings

3. What is the way of image up with the color used by candidate Kennedy in the 1960 US presidential election?

Color positive effect
Special color effect
Personal color effect

It is confirmation of "How to see the color"

1. A color includes "a warm color" and "a cold color", which will the yellow belong to?

Cold color
Warm color

2. A color includes "Advancing color" and "Receding color".Which is the color of the car told to be hard to cause an accident?


3. The thing having high a certain value feels it lightly, and the low thing feels it heavily. What is the attribute?


It is confirmation of (color and an appetite, color and sports, color and study, color and purchasing)

1. It is the confirmation of "a color and the appetite"
Generally, what kind of color will a color told that an appetite declines be?

Color of the warm colors system such as red or the bitter orange
Color of the cold colors system such as blue or the light blue
Color of the achromatic color system such as black or the white
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2. It is the confirmation of "color and sports"
"Light Tonus" means the thing which digitized that muscle reacts for light and a color. Would the one which values were the sometimes usually closest in put light of what color?

return to color and sports

3. It is confirmation of "a color and study"
Which will the color told to let you feel progress of the time to be early be among nexts?

return to color and study

4. It is confirmation of "a color and purchasing"
Will you say "a phenomenon that a certain color approaches the neighboring colors at time among other colors and is seen" how?

Assimilation phenomenon
Comparison phenomenon
Afterimage phenomenon

confirmation of "the times and the trend color"

1. The trend color is decided premeditatedly, how many years will be planned for?

One year ago
Two years ago
Three years ago

2. "The decision of the popular color is made in "xxxxxx"( international popular color Committee) with the headquarters in Paris". What will you say?

Internet color
Traditional color

3. Trend color may not be popular on schedule. Why will it be?

Because expectation came off
Because We are influenced by a great event, economy such as natural disaster or terrorism
Because it was not able to supply the materials of the color that We planned