-Times and trend color -

Times and trend color

■The trend color is decided

Do you know the word trend color?
"Pink seems to be popular in this spring" We think you have heard this phrase before.
In fact, "trend color" is decided!It is apt to be thought with "a color popular spontaneously" by the word "trend color", but is decided premeditatedly for some time how for two years.
The decision of the trend color is made in "Intercolor" (international trend color Committee) with the headquarters in Paris.
They each bring an opinion each, and the representative from each member nation discusses it and seems to choose the trend color of the former fashion for two years.

Well, We will see a flow before trend color being decided。

The flow that a trendy color is selected as
Two years ago

The choice trendy with Intercolor

One and a half years ago

The color choice in JAFCA for domestic markets


Material exhibition

One year ago

Product plan → commodification




Sale → Purchase

Then why will I be selected as two years for some time?
It seems to be because I am related to the development of various things including an electric appliance and interior, the car not to mention a fashion.

"The trend color" changes by the times and the generation. And the flow with economy and the times setting is said to be associated.
I gathered it up about such a "trend color". It is interesting when I watch popular color with the passage of times.

■Is trend color really always popular?

In this way, will the trend color decided two years ago be popular as expected?
In fact, it does not seem to be necessarily prevalent in a predictive street. Why is it?
It is because a color to choose with our psychological condition by a great event, economy such as natural disaster or terrorism changes.
An orange has become the popular color in the early 90s. It is attracted attention in Europe and America, but was not prevalent at all in Japan. Japan was just after a bubble burst, and uneasiness continued these days, and cheerful orange was not received.

確認 There is a thing produced naturally by social conditions that it is decided on trend color intentionally for two years.

■Trend color chronological table

We made trend color and the chronological table of social conditions. Because it was established in 1963, as for Intercolor selecting trend color as, can it not be said that the trend color of the front of it is a color brought about naturally?
We will watch popular color while comparing it with a background in the times.

◆The 1940s ◆The 1950s ◆The 1960s
◆The 1970s ◆The 1980s ◆The 1990s
◆The 2000s ◆The 2010s

The 1940s

  • 1945

    The World War II end of the war      
    ※Khaki of the military uniform 

  • 1947...1949

    Japan begins to gradually walk a way to economic revitalization. American look begins to be popular.
    ※Primary color of the marine look マリンルックの原色

The 1950s

  • 1950 ...

    Korean War (1950 through 1953) war emergency demand
    The American look heyday

    When an after the war overseas movie comes to be shown, the cine-mode of the movie is popular      
    ※Red of cine-mode "red shoes" Rouge et noir of "the rouge et noir"

  • 1955

    Economic revitalization gets into full swing. Three kinds of sacred treasures (electric refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner)
    ※Morning star blue 

  • 1959

    Crown Prince (His Majesty the Emperor) marriage
    ※Celebration color 慶祝カラー 

The 1960s

  • 1961

    Trade liberalization enforcement
    ※※Color campaign (sherbet tone) of 1962 department stores

  • 1964

    The Tokyo Olympics  Tokaido Shinkansen opening to traffic
    ※Oriental color (Japanese traditional color)

  • 1968

    The rapid economic growth / GNP second place
    ※Mexican color (the Olympics in Mexico)    

  • 1969

    Campus dispute / Apollo moon landing
    ※Psychedelic color サイケデリック

The 1970s

  • 1973

    The first oil crisis
    ※Natural color of 1970 - nature intention 

  • 1974

    GNP first minus (surge of the saving awareness)
    ※1973 - earth color アースカラー

  • 1977

    Economic depression due to a strong yen rate
    1975 - khaki, olive are prevalent カーキ、オリーブ

  • 1979

    The second oil crisis

The 1980s

  • 1979 ...

    Economy slump to continue from the second oil crisis    
    ※The monotone boom that 1980-82 is global  

  • 1983 ...

    Sign of the economic recovery
    ※1985 - pastels-like is trendy パステルカラー

  • 1987 ...

    Bubble economy begins

  • 1989

    From Showa to Heisei / Environment Summit held
    ※1989 - ecology color attracts attention エコロジーカラー

The 1990s

  • 1991

    The Gulf War, Soviet Union extinction / Bubble economy collapses, and recession begins    
    ※Dark blue and a black basic color are trendy with 1991 dark blue blurring popularity  

  • 1995

    Great Hanshin Earthquake / The Aum Shinrikyo incident
    ※Beige is trendy with 1993 - natural popularity ベージュ、ナチュラル

  • 1999

    Unemployment figures 4.9% worst ever
    ※Purple, wine system are trendy in 1997-98 fall and winter ワイン

OK, it is the 2000s from here. Because it is the times after we are born, is there not the popular color that everybody remembers?
We will watch popular color of each age in detail from here.

The 2000s

  • 2000

    Published by Okinawa Summit holding (July) / Issuance of two thousand yen bill      
    ※※Pink popularity  ピンク

  • 2001

    Synchronized terrorist attacks (September) in America
    ※Hit of the vivid red

  • 2002

    The Japan-Korea cosponsorship soccer World Cup (May)
    ※Through the year, white was popular

  • 2003

    Iraqi War outbreak (March) / Terrorism occurs in a row in the Middle East
    ※Khaki, olive popularity カーキ、オリーブ

  • 2004

    Bird flu spreads in Asian each place (January)
    ※metallic color are popular shiningly

  • 2005

    Personal Information Protection Law enforcement / Cool Biz begins by preventive measures against warming
    ※Turquoise ターコイズ

  • 2006

    livedoor case / Slump of the new market stock
    ※Gold and monotone high-quality with a household appliance

  • 2007

    Issue of subprime loan (world financial crisis) outbreak
    ※In "black Rich" topic

  • 2008

    U.S. Lehman shock / World synchronized recession
    ※Berry color popularity such as purple, the pink ベリーカラー

  • 2009

    The Democratic Party wins by the Lower House election; to change of government
    ※Black and white popularity of iPhone

The 2010s

  • 2010

    Twitter, SNS popularity including Facebook / iPad release    
    ※Popularity together blue dungarees, a hit of the denim ターコイズ

  • 2011

    East Japan great earthquake      
    ※Navy popularity ネイビー

  • 2012

    The Liberal Democratic Party government return /Olympics in London    
    ※Sherbet color popularity

  • 2013

    Avenomics Economy / Mount Fuji, world's cultural heritage registration    
    ※vivid color, neon color are popular ネイビー

  • ※A document offer: Japanese popular color association (JAFCA)

    まとめ Popular color to change every times. How about?
    By the old generation, I may not get a hint to everybody.
    I understand that the khaki of the military uniform was popular just after the end of the war somehow.
    That's right, there are many military uniforms and monsters in the TV drama of that era.
    If oil shocks and recession continue, you can also understand that fashionable colors become plain.
    I remember the neon color in 2013. I bought iPhone 5c colorful!
    Even though it said that trend colors were decided, I felt that it was deeply involved with the background of the times as well.
    I changed my clothes♪

    That's cute! What happened?
    Do you not know it? The color of (2017) that a Japanese popular color association (JAFCA) announced of next year is vivid red!
    Color names: Leading Red seems to say. A choice reason seems to include three keywords of [Japan] [decision, energy] [quality of human being].


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